Why Sponsor Jordan?

Product and name recognition is a large portion of today’s effective marketing strategy. By entering into sponsorship with Jordan Rushby Racing not only will you be helping out with Jordan’s racing future, your company will also benefit from an affordable opportunity to reach a highly active and diverse audience of spectators and fans in the following ways:

Internet, TV and Magazines

As Jordan is racing in the Thundersport (GB) National Championship, any sponsors that are visible on Jordan’s bike or leathers will have the potential to reach many thousands of audiance members! This is a great opportunity for any business to recieve great exposure.

Race Meetings

With tickets available to race meetings; clients, colleagues, family and friends can spend the day or weekend enjoying the excitement and feel the buzz that motorcycle racing brings to thousands of fans around the country.

Bespoke Packages

Bespoke sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit your individual budgets and requirements. Depending on your financial or product support your company could have its name/logo on all elements (bike, riders leathers and helmet, race transport, banners, race day paddock clothing).

Product Support

In addition to financial support for the rider and bike we also welcome product support such as fuel, race entry fees and tyres, etc. which can all be individually sponsored with the advantage that if you are a business then these products can all be offset against vat. This allows the team to provide the most competitive package and gives the sponsor greater exposure.

Do you have your own idea?

If you have an idea of how you want to sponsor Jordan please feel free to contact nigel using the details below, any sponsorship offers will be considered are very much appreciated!

How to sponsor Jordan

If you are interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities above or you want to discuss a different form of sponsorship, feel free to contact Nigel Rushby. Contact details can be found here.